About Us

Bruns Fragrances creates handcrafted perfumes in small batch production, made exclusively with 100% natural materials, decanted and bottled in Barcelona .
Our philosophy is that perfumery is an expression of art. Our desire is to redefine existing high-end perfumery into a handcrafted, 100% natural product. We share this renewed concept of luxury with you through the highest quality and most exquisite essences, and guarantee that your skin will be in contact with only natural products. 

All of our fragrances are Extrait de Parfum, The formula for each fragrance is developed with the use of 30% of essential oils (aromatic compounds). Only the finest quality materials are used, wildcrafted and organic, grown with integrity and care from different parts of the world: from indian patchouli to lavender from France, from the Virginian cedarwood or bergamot from Italy to the somalian frankincense.
 This essence of personality is achieved through a mixture of plants, flowers, seeds, wood, or resins that react in a specific and a different way to each skin it caresses. For this very reason, our fragrances are unisex.

In this website, we introduce each of our perfumes so you can know the details of its design and formulation. We seek the highest standard of quality and innovation without corrupting our goal:

a luxury perfume that is 100% natural.